Wealth Management

Family Offices have become the vehicle of choice of Ultra High Net Worth Individuals to protect and preserve assets for future generations. In recent years, their growth has been significant around the world and even more so in emerging markets.

Family Offices are not a new phenomenon in finance and wealth management, with origins that date back to the 6th century, when kings authorized others to manage their royal wealth. The modern concept of the Family Office developed in the 19th century and gained popularity during the 1980s. Since 2005, as the ranks of the super-rich grew to a record proportions, Family Offices swelled proportionately.

At Regius Capital, we provide independent investment advice and financial counseling to high-net-worth individuals and Family Offices in managing both their traditional and alternative portfolios.

Whether you are looking to grow, preserve or protect your traditional or alternative investments in times marked by macroeconomic uncertainty, geopolitical tensions and divisive politics, in order to secure a vibrant future for next generations, Regius Capital can help.